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Max Field / Macks Fiiod

Photography/Videography gear store in Queens/LI?

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I find myself having to visit family in Queens every other week. Was in serious need of something to do in this borough other than eating pizza and basketball.


But yeah, title says it all.


Lesser side question: If this borough is empty, does it at least have a vinyl record shop or something?


Thanks NewYork-zoners.

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I live in Queens and, nowadays, you'd be pretty hard-pressed to find any of the above. There are still a handful of photo shops on Long Island, but I haven't been to any of them in years. Manhattan is still the borough for all of these things.


I'd go the very old-fashioned route of checking the phone book. Then again that may be something of a rarity, as well...

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I was trying Google, and every time I see something promising; it turns out it was closed down 5 years ago.


You ever been to 17th street Photo?


17th Street Photo doesn't ring any bells. Your Google results don't surprise me in the least. I think B&H became NYC's photographic nexus a while ago.


It's worth the train-ride.

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There is a Vinyl record shop in Astoria Queens. I haven't been in, but I've been meaning to stop by as it is close to my place. It is not very big. I've visited a couple of places in Brooklyn that I would categorize as huge. Crates behind crates, basement, etc.


This one in Astoria should be around Steinway street, between 23rd avenue and Astoria Blvd if I recall correctly.

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There used to be a big one in Bayside who knows what happened to that and by me there was one that specialized in hip hop and turntablism, now its a tattoo parlor.


For a minute I remember by Katz Deli there was record shop that nothing but the choice hip hop records and other obscure records one would be interested in for sampling, i didn't catch the name of the shop but its by Rosario's pizza over there in the LES by Katz...


Bleecker Bobs by West 4th/ Academy Records by Union Square. Barnes and Noble 5th ave sells new vinyl

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