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Stephen Perera

Kodak Eastman Double-X - any tips?

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Hi all....shooting Kodak Eastman Double-X in 16mm format and would welcome any and all feedback on this stock.


It's a personal project to enter a local area festival - you gotta do what you gotta do - shooting in old Gibraltar town area during the daytime with mostly available light and maybe a couple of Arri's if anyone is kind enough to open the shutters and let me plug them in hahaha (I'm very persuasive) so nothing complicated......camera will be on sticks mostly apart from a few sweeps on rails...thats it.....shooting with a Cooke Varokinetal 9-50mm on an Aaton XTR XC (no video tap or any electronics, love this camera). The short storyline ends with a (very talented) young couple dancing a tango....sounds corny but hopefully will be great as a final piece!!! Think Dolce+Gabbana sicilian campaign with Monica Belluci...old Gibraltar has that look


(also posted this on CML as need loads of feedback)

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Stephen, please at some point post here a summation of the "CML" tips, if they are salient, as I am and I assume many others are quite interested this topic.



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Thanks for that Dirk...beautiful tonality and grain to it....very very interesting stock....would you share your thoughts and how you metered for it plus any tips....I keep hearing its holds up to 1.5 stops either way whilst others love how the highlights go off....Im going to shoot a test on my Leica R6.2 with 35mm version and develop in D-96 to see what I think too

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