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Daniel Nalladurai

Debating Between a USED Arri Alexa Classic & Sony f65 | Any Thoughts?

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Wanted to ask any DP's, Production Houses out there whether I should purchase a used Arri Alexa Classic or a used Sony f65? 

Right now, my production company does commercials, corporate shoots (interviews, B-Roll etc.) However, in the next year or two we're planning on shooting fictional work  (shorts and/or features)


Any thoughts?

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Unless you particularly need 4k, I’d go with the gold standard for fictional work (ze Germans).


The F65 is an incredible camera, and makes terrific images. But it’s not very popular, which makes sourcing accessories/support for it, and finding ACs and colourists who know how to work it, much harder than the alternative. 

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A bit off the point.. but you know I would think about getting the new Sony Fx9.. in many ways its a Venice lite... and very very good value for money..   I would think twice about buying a non 4K camera in this day and age.. especially if you shoot corporate .. nearly all 4K now.. mostly for editing sake.. but its requested all the time.. 

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Its also good to have a smaller camera for those shoots when your own your own. As loverly as the Alexa classic is - its not a camera you can just grab for the run and gun shoots.

I'd agree with Robin the Fx9 looks tasty. Having 4K is useful for corporate work and cameras like the FS7, FX9 can be put to use on fiction shoots as well - they totally hold up

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Posted (edited)

If you have the support, go for the Alexa. It's so easy to get a nice image out of it. I sold my Scarlet-W for the Classic and while it is heavy and battery hungry, I was adding easyrig, sticks, extra batteries on rentals for RED anyways so no change. Personally, I don't have interest in the new full frame sensor cameras. I love the look of Super-35. If you need 4k you can record 2.8k RAW to Odyssey and upres to UHD. No one will be able to tell a difference.

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@Dan Landoni that was my initial thought 

Yeah, I already own a Sony Fs5 and output to  Atomos so I’m feeling upgrading to an fx9 might not be worth it

Im trying to go after a filmic look and the alexa/f65 even the f35 (with the CCD sensor) looks the closest to film to me. Especially since with this purchase I’d like to shoot nonfiction and scale up

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