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omar robles

Film look in camera: Digital. 3 FROM HELL

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Hello group:

So I am watching this ROB ZOMBIE FILM " THREE FROM HELL" and to my amazement after viewing the special features on the film they discussed shooting it digital.  The film was shot on the Alexa mini.  If any one has seen the film you would swear it was shot on celluloid.  On the special features they show raw footage and people viewing footage on set and it looks like film right out of the camera.  My question is besides filtering is there a method for getting that film look in camera?  

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On the special features, was the footage the people were viewing on a monitor that looked like this?


Notice on the left side there is a grey box thats says RAW. This shows the camera is recording to RAW. On the right side there are four grey boxes that say LOOK. Say the monitor in the image is MON1. So they have applied a LOOK to be outputted to MON1 for on set viewing. 

So for the film you were watching, most likely the DP (and sometimes with the DIT) would have either chosen a pre-existing LUT (LOOK) or they would have made their own. That would explain the 'film look' you would have been seeing for the films on set monitors.

You can make your own LUT's on DaVinci, export it as .cube, then via Arri's USB (that usually comes with the rented camera) and the programme Arri Look Creator you can put it in the camera to be used for on set monitors.

Hope that helps.


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These aren't my type of films, but I worked with a DP who knew Brandon Trost who I think used to shoot them. If I remember correctly, he had a pretty great idea where he'd rate the camera at 3200 ISO so instead of adding a "grain pass" in post, the image would have natural noise just baked into it and the texture was already more like film. And then you also get two stops more highlight detail and thinner shadows, I imagine with the right LUT it looks more "filmic." 

I think they take the same approach on Atlanta, which always looked good to me.

Personally, I think the Alexa already looks more like film than other digital cameras do. I'll sometimes shoot with 1/2 or 1 digital diffusion to get a smoother softer look on other cameras. Or older lenses work, too, I suppose.

And, as mentioned above, it could just be the right LUT and good lighting.

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