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Frank Wylie

Urgent: ARRI squeegees needed! Check your old stock!

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Does anyone have or know of a NOS cache of these squeegees?

We need a good supply of these for our Triese Film processor vacuum knives and have been unable to find them anywhere, or even a good substitute.

Any leads appreciated!







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If you search around there are some files for 3d printed ones to this spec. Someone has the same issue and I believe they posted them to support the community. 

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I notice those are squeegee mounts, not the rubber blades themselves. They seem intended to allow the use of other branded parts in Arri processors.

I'd be incredibly cautious about trying to create something like that which (I presume, not knowing much about film processing) actually contact the film. 

I mean, I'd do it, I'd just be massively cautious about testing it to make sure I wasn't going to ruin everything.

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12 hours ago, Jeremy Saltry said:


Thanks Jeremy, but as Phil indicates, those are the holders not the actual squeegee material itself.

We have been experimenting with all manner of rubber and neoprene squeegee blades from just about anything you can think of, but so far haven't had much luck.

You would think this a simple matter, but it's not.  The hardest part of keeping a photochemical film lab going is beginning to be sourcing expendables and spares. 

Edit:  I added photos of the machine, the vacuum knife,  materials we have tried and the mounted knife.





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Photos added

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In those files are the blades also I believe. That fille was created by another lab that was having the same issue with a similar processor. No replacment parts are available. I just tried to get you a file and solution quick but do some research into it and maybe follow up with the lab that has these made. I am going to go out on a limb and say that if they are having issues sourcing them, you might also. 

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2 minutes ago, Jeremy Saltry said:

Edit, my apologies. You guys are right. That is just for mounts. I believe there is also a spec for blades floating around. 

No worries;  your suggestion to contact the person who made the file is good one and I will follow up on that!

Thanks again!


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