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I believe it could be possible to get a Konvas 1M package with a crystal motor for that about 1000usd budget.  Basically you would need to purchase a Konvas 1m from eBay with two or three mags and send it to Olex for full CLA. 

I should have a fully working original konvas crystal motor for sale soon with two different 4-pin xlr adapter cables, spare fuses, two nimh batteries and a cheap-o battery charger. Depends on how my own crystal motor projects will progress. 

the motor + batteries and other stuff : 500usd 

camera body and mags : maybe around 200usd or so 

cla by Olex: ??usd 

shipping and customs costs:  ?? usd 

Lenses will cost extra of course. But the oct18 lenses are much cheaper than oct19 ones so you will save by choosing the Konvas 1M model instead of the 2M. 


If you are not interested in crystal sync or orientable viewfinder , you could use the older rheostat motored 1KCP konvas camera with side latch mags and straight viewfinder. That can be pretty cheap if you do the CLA by yourself. Probably you could get the camera body, motor and mags for about 300usd including shipping and then the rest could be used for lenses. I use this older rheostat model with 7.2v airsoft batteries for most of my MOS stuff: 


I am developing a crystal motor for this Konvas model later this year but it will be costly, the modification price being around 600usd or so. The 1M would be a better option if you need crystal sync but just good to know that it is possible to get the older model run on crystal sync too if you need it sometime later

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1 hour ago, Will Montgomery said:

I decent 2c with a working motor should run you about $1800+. With a crystal motor maybe $2500+.

How much are selling it for 

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On 6/15/2020 at 11:36 AM, Boris bruno said:

How much are selling it for 

Mine's a special Steve's Cine mod used by DoggyCam for many years on all sorts of movies. It has a crystal sync motor built in. Unfortunately I'm not selling it as it's my only 35mm camera at this time (other than some Eyemos).

You will find 2c's as probably the most modified camera in the world so make sure you know what you are getting when you buy. They are small and a nice entry camera but keep in mind that they don't have registration pins so they aren't as steady as Arri 3's and later.

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