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Max Moosbrugger

What kind of lights are these

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No bare with me this is just a quick photo i took with my I phone so it's by no fully means color accurate. I believe the light had a little more of a green cast to it. I can't figure out what the lightbulbs were that this store is using. I wanna say they're sodium vapor, but i don't think this is the case as I live in a pretty old neighboorhood surrounded by sodium vapor street lamps which are alot more orange than this greenish yellow light I saw.  See below

Sodium Vapor Lights On College Campus Photograph by Ted ...

wondering your guy's thoughts?

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I think these are it it. I imagine these lights will vary given in color given the brand I choose. I'm after more of a greenish yellow rather than than the warm comforting yellow u typically see. I'm wanting that kind of industrial murky look these lights gave off. 

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1. You could go back to the store, talk to the owner and see if he or she will let you examine the tubes. The specs should be printed on the tube. If you want yellow-green, Warm White fluorescent tubes would be common. If you want blue-green, then Cool White. 

2. Take a digital stills camera that will let you manually set white balance in Kelvin. Take stills at 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and see what colors you get. Since an iPhone camera will auto white balance, it’s not really the best source from which to judge color. 

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Presumably they'll be the anti bug ones. Just make sure you don't accidentally buy the ultraviolet-emitting tubes intended for bug zappers, which are different. I'd just get gold or yellow fluorescent tubes.


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4 hours ago, Max Moosbrugger said:

Ur so right. I should’ve just asked them to begin with, they seem like nice people and there’s no harm in trying I guess 

You could still just call them up, right? Def no harm in asking, the worst they can say is no!

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