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Petition for Kodak to Re-Issue 200ft rolls!

Cailin Tamplin

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Kodak should reintroduce 200' rolls of 16mm film to meet the demand of the thriving 16mm film community. Many camera magazines are already designed to handle this length, benefiting dedicated users of cameras like Aaton, Beaulieu, and Eclair, with the A-minima being built specifically for 200' rolls. This extension of an existing line would be a win-win solution, offering a balanced runtime of approximately 5 minutes and 30 seconds, reducing magazine reloads, and enhancing versatility for filmmakers.



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22 hours ago, Simon Wyss said:

Some more 200-ft. (mag loading) cameras

  • Vinten Scientific
  • Sonoflex Tolana
  • Pentaflex 16
  • Pathé BTL II
  • Nord Professional
  • Morton Soundmaster
  • Maurer 16
  • Debrie CX
  • Ciné-Kodak Special

How many of those are single perf? 

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the thing is, you gotta remember that bringing back a 200ft load may not make sense due to the differences in all these cameras. some are double perf. the a-minima uses a different winding and its old factory loads are not compatible with any other camera without unspooling and respooling in a dark room. And the main cameras that are being used on features are all 400ft mag cameras, and those users are buying the bulk of 16. I think from Kodak's standpoint, it makes much more sense to leave it to owners and renters to take their rolls to a lab for spool down rather than make it themselves. 

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13 hours ago, Tyler Purcell said:

How many of those are single perf? 

  • Vinten Scientific: 2-r.
  • Sonoflex Tolana: ?
  • Pentaflex 16: 1-r.
  • Pathé BTL II: 1-r.
  • Nord Professional: ?
  • Morton Soundmaster: 1-r.
  • Maurer 16: 2-r.
  • Debrie CX: 1-r.
  • Ciné-Kodak Special: 2-r., centering film guidance for Kodacolor
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