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A music video I shot on regular 8mm, made with all analog, in-camera effects and hand-painted and scratched film

Erren Franklin

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I've had good help here on this forum on numerous occasions, and I wanted to share a film I just made with this community that I think would appreciate the techniques I that used.

I shot it on reversal B&W regular 8 film, with a Bolex H8REX4 with the REX4 Switar lens set, an Angenieux 6-80mm zoom lens (with a flange mod done by Jean-Louis Seguin), and a fisheye lens attached to the 12.5mm Switar. I also used a Canon Cine Zoom 512 and a Leicina 8V. All visuals were accomplished with matting, double-exposures, and effects lenses. I hand-painted (actually drew on the film with fine-tipped color pens) and scratched the film.

Hope you like it!


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9 minutes ago, Kamran Pakseresht said:

Absolutely beautiful- how long did it take to finish?

What was your setup for scratching and drawing on the film, did you use rewind cranks over a light table?

This really is just so cool.

Thank you! It took quite a long time! I scanned in phases- first the raw scan, then I painted a segment of the film and had that scanned, and then I painted and scratched the film again and scanned it a third time. 

I used a cheap light table and rewind cranks I bought from Van Eck. The frame size for regular 8 is 3mm x 4mm (tiny) so I used a jeweler's eye loupe to orient myself, but it was extremely challenging to try to accomplish detail.


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