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Purchasing 16mm film in Amsterdam?

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Any recommendations for purchasing Kodak 16mm 100' rolls in/near Amsterdam? Traveling for a doc this summer and would rather not fly with film/stress about the Xray machines. Also interested in developing there. I've seen https://haghefilm.nl/ mentioned for developing

Any recommendations for video/photo equipment stores as well? Would love to be able to pick up loose odds and ends out there - grip/lighting especially. It's a 2 month shoot so I'm not as keen on renting. Thanks in advance

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I think Dirk has the best deals in the NL area, because he offers a whole package. Quite unique and reassuring to have a one stop shop. I have good experience both buying, developing and scanning film with DeJonghe.

Alternatively you could check out camerarentals.nl for 100ft film rolls, or cinefacilities.nl for larger film orders, and go through haghefilm for dev+scan.

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