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Best recommendation for an led lighting package.

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Recently I have realized that it's time to swap out some key parts. 


My current package is mostly KinoFlos

2X 4 Foot - 4 Bank 

2x 2 Foot - 4 Bank


What would the best package that has similar outputs and would be just as versatile? 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys. 

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Lots of great options depending on your budget. Most will give you more output and more flexibility than an old school kino.


litgear litmat is popular - maybe more on the expensive end. 

aputure is another more budget friendly people seem to like 

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Posted (edited)

I believe Amran is there cheaper more consumer level products from aperture but I'm not sure.

for Aputure i'm only personally familar with the hard lights like the 300x/600x/1200

maybe check out alladin, intelytech, nanlite if litegear is too pricy —but I havent used any of those products personally


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You could also look at the Godox F200. Godox designs mainly low end stuff (like Amaran or Nanlite), but the Knowled series is targeted a bit more "pro" (better built, complete package including case, DMX control, V-mount batteries option...)


According to Matt's measurements, even with the diffusion, the F200 delivers twice the output of a 4x4 Kinoflo. You can fit two kits in a single case (that will weigh 40lbs).

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Thank you so much, everyone! I appreciate it. I will be looking into these lights mentioned. You have helped me navigate the LED world. Thank you.

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Do you need tubes? Do you ever use the individual tubes?  If you do, then there are plenty replacements out there, just pick one, they are mostly the same.

As far as innovative products that might work for you:

Aputure Infinibars: A linear lamp which can be put in a softbox. I really like these fixtures.  These are square, not tubes, and will not fit in a kino housing.

Aputure Infinimat 1x4 size: This will mimic the same footprint size as your kino fixtures with more output.

Amaran F21c / F22c: The f22 is a flexable matt light which, with the diffusion installed, follows the plank curve for white light with as little as 0.008 deviation past 5600k - its almost perfect.  I really like this fixture also. This was the R&D test lamp for the Infinimat, so the emitters are the same.  Really useful product!

Nanlux PavoSlim / Kino Freestyle, Celeb: Depending on your budget, these may work, they are panel lamps in small footprint that are really quite useful.  I love the freestyles, and they make a size that is close to a 4 bank.  You might be able to pick one up on the used market. Output wise, unsure.

Finally don't forget about DMG Maxi Mix - a 4x1 panel, which should output the same as a kino 4 bank.  I've never tested that particular comparison, however I love the DMG fixtures, never had an issue.  Very easy to deal with.

Godox makes some mat lights which are flexable, and in various sizes.  They will all fill in for kino fixutures, but usually will be physically larger.  Amaran, Nanlite, Allidan, Intellytech, and others all make about the same products, so find one that fits your budget and has the features you need.  Beyond Creamsource, Arri, and Fiilex, we do use both Aputure and Nanlux fixtures on the big shows.  At this point, it really depends on what the tool is.

HOWEVER - Let me say this.  LED's are not perfect. They each have their issues.  Color wise, Creamsource and Fiilex make just about the best lamps.  Fluorescent lamps produce a more complete spectrum, and for some markets (beauty / fashion / product) may actually be the better option, depending on the post workflow and desired outcome.

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