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Konvas 17EP-16 APK motor runs fine, but stutters while stopping

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I recently tested a Konvas crystal motor I acquired with a 1M. I do not have a connector for it, so I ran it off a 12V 4.5A power supply, using two pins in the connector. It runs well, and measured with a tachometer does not drift.

However, when the motor is stopped, it stutters. It stops, restarts, stops, and starts again - about 2 to 4 times. Rarely, if I release the button softly, it might stop at once.

What can be causing this? Does it need more max current capacity that requires a battery?

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Sounds like a parking issue, not battery related. I’m not sure how a Konvas parks, but if it uses a motor encoder, I’d start there.

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It seems like in Olex’s videos, the motor also has the same stutter while stopping. It may just be normal behavior for these old Soviet motors?


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