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10-speed ALCS crystal motor for Eclair ACL (the "Final Model"), late 2025 finishing

Aapo Lettinen

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ONE EXTRA MOTOR MODEL FOR ACL because I have too many ideas 😃
I am thinking of making a Eclair ACL version of the motor technology I am developing for the NPR as most of the electronics and software design can be adapted to the ACL if changing the motor drive if I take the possibility into account from the beginning. Combining projects helps sharing developing costs which makes both the projects end result higher quality. So I think it is good to give it a try.
It is similar specs than the NPR Compact Motor "Advanced Model" I am developing at the moment. Has 10 crystal speeds, basic display for footage counter and speed selection, 1fps time lapse mode and single frame capability. Shutter parking feature. Everything is integrated in the motor body so it does not need any original ACL base electronics, you can take the base off the camera if you want just like on my other ACL motors. Improved mounting system compared to my previous ACL motors, I am testing new mounting system ideas with the 2-speed ACL motor I am finishing in August this year.
This ACL motor version has very high quality brushless motor drive, the highest quality I can source. I am aiming for good overall finishing and mostly cnc machined aluminium body for the motor if possible.
Availability: the new "final design" of the ACL motor would be available in late 2025 (about November - December) if there is enough preorders to fund the project. For this kind of projects about 3 or 4 preorders should be enough for good finishing quality because the electronics developing is shared with other projects and mostly the mechanical finishing is ACL-specific.
Price and payment: the 30%/30%/30% payment model works well on the NPR motor project so I will do the same with this ACL project. Total price is 1900usd + shipping which can be paid in 3 parts (one to place the order, second in mid project, last part and shipping costs when the motors are being assembled and close to shipping). If paid in full one would get free shipping. First part needs to be paid this year between July and October so that I can start the project.
Let me know by DM if interested in this ACL motor version. It is a very advanced motor which needs long time developing and the NPR motor needs to be finished first so that I can test all the motor control electronics with the NPR first to save time and resources. Otherwise it would be too expensive to make the ACL version. Thus the late 2025 finishing time, I could make the motor faster but then it would be way too expensive to buy.
If you happen to need ACL motor this year already, I am making the less advanced 2-speed versions this August and they can still be ordered from the batch 🙂
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Some photos of the test 3d print I made to determine the approximate size of the motor. The final one might be smaller depending on how much I'll have budget for it. So these photos are for SIZE REFERENCE ONLY, this is just a quick draft I made to test some ideas about the size and button placement.

Let me know if interested in ordering one, you can send me a DM or find me on Facebook or Instagram. I can start the project when having paid preorders, hopefully this Autumn so that I can save resources by designing some of the control electronics at the same time than I make NPR electronics.





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