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super 8 lab europe

nacho lopez

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We are from spain. We have to to develope 20 rolls: ten colour reversal 7240, 5 bw reversal 7266 and five colour negative 7218.

I have found 2 lab one german andec filmtechnick and one from holland. The german one is cheaper but i dont have references from them. Some one develope some there? any problem? what kind of film you develope?


i have good references from holland one super 8 reversal lab, any one use it?


Also i want some ideas to pass to video. At first we want it in beta sp we have a video of beatcam sp. and then edit it on line because of time reference.

there are some best ideas?


thank you!!

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I have an editing studio and I edit master everything onto BetaCam SP even if the origination footage is in a different video format. If you do not need to do video layering than BetaCam SP is a good way to go, I hope you aren't overpaying for it however.


Will you be doing any Non Linear Editing?


I assume you will be getting VHS window burns of your transferred footage so you can pre-create an edit decision list before going into the studio.

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Agreed Phil,


most expensive telecine I can afford at the time (sadly this varies), onto MiniDV, then enjoy the editing process at home....


as for processing and telecine in Europe, our impartial list is growing somewhat....








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I have absolutely no idea why anyone would go through all of that when miniDV and DVCAM exist, alongside sub-grand desktop editing.



Eventually, a hardier master will probably be needed, such as Digital BetaCam or BetaCam SP.


That's why I asked if any layering would be done. This may come as a surprise, but color correction is actually quicker and easier with tape to tape editing. Matching video levels shot by shot isn't as easy as some would lead you to believe, usually it can't be done until you see it lined up with the shot before and after.


You can do all the pre color correcting you want on the raw footage in NLE, but you still should tweak once the project is actually edited. Using Clip to optimize color and contrast on projects that didn't have million dollar lighting budgets is critical, and I have yet to see low budget projects clipped as well was what I do in analog. Proper clipping is one of the most complex color correction steps that can be taken, and most don't do it well in NLE and it certainly takes longer than doing it BetaCam to BetaCam. As you strategize and figure out your clip and contrast ratios, the chroma intesity has to be altered, knobs and dials are faster than NLE in these types of situations.

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