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Is this ebay Konvas seller ok to buy from?

adam berk

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I don't know this seller, but I would never pay via wire transfer, period.


Hi Douglas,


I do it all the time on high value items on Ebay! At least you know the real name of the seller and his address!


I am about to bid on an item belonging to a 'Dave' turns out to be Mr David Stump ASC, just spoke to him on the phone!



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any time you send money to russia you risk losing it! even western union! google money transfer and rip offs in russia and see what you will find! if your patient that camera will pop up on ebay being sold in USA, I saw one a few weeks ago! Im not saying anything bad about that seller just giving that facts! he dosent except paypal, if he wants he can open a merchant account and except credit cards since he sells cams for a living, he has options to make over seas buyers feel more secure but he dosent! I know that seller had alot of negitives when he first started selling but seems to be fine now! I dont think he wants a bad name but for the sake of safty lets say you send him 4000.00 today and he decides the hell with ebay, im not going to sell and more cameras! he can keep you money! I spoke to him about a camera once and asked him to ship 50% c.o.d he said no! so why should I trust him with all my money if he cant trust me with a COD order? hell im paying for the shipping from the jump! he got nothing to lose. I would stay away from him when it comes to large amounts of money!

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I've done one wire to the Ukraine from another seller - he said that paypal wasn't allowed in his country... I didn't get to much further reasons behind this... Was about $250 worth, item arrived fine ...


I'm still dubious but it has worked once ... nice looking camera, love the design.

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Has anyone purchased gear from this guy before? Should I feel safe sending him a wire transfer?


Here is an item of his....



Thanks so much everyone,


That's the guy I bought my anamorphics and matte box from for my Kinor35H. He's cool, you should have no problems. He packages the stuff real well and it got here right away. They have to use wire transfers because otherwise it costs a redicules amount in tax. Wire transfer cost me $50 bucks because they had to go though 2 banks so that's the only down side. You will get what is advertised though. See if you can negociate, I got the guy to come down on the package deal I got. ;)

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Yes, most of the Russian sellers with the more expensive items are wire transfer only. I was also extremely reluctant at first, but I have had uniformly excellent results (quite a few thousand $ sent to several sellers). To up your comfort level, here is a link to the Konvas.org ebay seller's rating page: http://konvas.org/industry.html?action=res...mp;poll_ident=4

Looks like 5 positive votes and no negatives for russian_market. You ought to be okay.

However-- beware that these Kinors are old and have their quirks. Especially unreliable electronics and dim viewfinders from deteriorating mirror silvering. There are several people out there that can update the cameras, but they are going to cost real money. I wouldn't expect to be able to go out and start shooting right away- expect to spend some money before you do and you'll be okay.

Good luck!

Bruce Taylor

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