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What does everyone want?

Brian Rose

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Title says it all. I've had an XL2 for several years now and I'm DYING to get a high def camera and just shoot, shoot, shoot! Really wishing for a Panasonic AG-AF1000, and then some adapter rings so I could use all my new and old lenses. Then, start shooting my next documentary. Sure, I could rent, but figuring the length of the shoot, the numbers say it's better to buy outright.


Here's hoping 2011 is better than 2010. Or I can find some funding.


Until then I'll keep dreaming of all those nifty cameras and lights I'd love to have, and of the day when I can worry about money only sometimes instead of all the time!


What about you guys?

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I"ll take a couple billion dollars and a few academy awards; then I'd seed money to good friends and people who looked kindly on me so they can make the films they want to make.

Seriously though; this year I want to dust off this 8mm camera I got off of e-Bay and test it out. Get back to shooting stills when I have the time and it's warmer out. Get back to shooting regularly once things pick up abit (normally marchish- here.) And eventually I've been meaning to do some side-by-sides for myself between some D Cinema cameras and film stocks and for kicks my XDCam and a 7D or whatever.

Also I am contemplating trying to make my own beer, and learning some "carpentry," meaning I get the idea and the just of it, but I want to try to build something.... I got ragged on for my fish-tank... but hell, maybe I'll build a new fish tank stand...

I'm getting simpler these days I suppose.

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I dream about finding a bag of money like in "A Simple Plan" and "No Country For Old Men." Granted, those films don't turn out so good for the guys with the money, but I'm SURE I could do a better job of it. ;)


And if we're talking oodles and gobs of money, I'd also pay all the studios to strikes a new projection print of all of their existing 70mm films, and get a few theatres in my area and around the country retrofitted with Norelco DP70s, and get the prints circulating again.


Sigh. Money is wasted on those who have it plenty of it.

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I Want a better job.


I work at my college maintaining the equipment. The way students treat gear kills me. We have a few xl2's, and the viewfinders are all freaked up these days. Its getting old. Im young enough to travel whereever filmmaking brings me, and Im just sitting around wishing.


I also want experience working with film. Ive never shot anything on film, or worked on anything with film. I wish my school offered me ANYTHING Film related.


The other stuff isnt so important these days, I could say I want an Ex3 or some new lenses, but I really dont need them. I just want some interesting projects to be a part of.

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I would like a 16mm camera and an MA in Visual Anthropology so I can travel and make a kick ass documentary like 180 degrees South.


That and to get onto the NFTS MA in Cinematography in London.


Give me these 3 things, and i'd be as happy as that guy called Larry.

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