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Overwintering - 16mm Short Film - Screengrabs

Steven Wyatt

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to post some screengrabs of my recent short film I shot in Cumbria, UK. I was very fortunate to be able shoot this one on 16mm, having always shot on this format during my time at film school I absolutely loved it and in the wake of Red's & DSLR's I found myself doing more low budget shorts on these systems.


But thankfully the Complete 16 package offered by Fuji Film came along, and being quite excited about it I jumped at the opportunity. Thank fully, the Director to was very up for the idea of shooting on 16mm, but more importantly the story we were telling suited the format aesthetics.


The short is set in cumbria during the foot and mouth crisis of 2001, where sheep and a variety of farm animals were suffering from a contagious diesease, which resulted in the Goverment issuing orders to cull most of the infected and uninfected livestock in an attempt at containment.


My camera and lighting package came from Provision in Leeds and consisted of:


Aaton XTR Prod

Carl Zeiss MK3 Superspeeds (9.5mm,12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm and 85mm - (35mm format MK3)

F4 Ronford Baker


Filters: Pola, 85ND.3,.6,.9 & a set of clean ND's


1 x 2.5 HMI

1 x 1.2 HMI

2 x 44 Kino Flos

2 x 2ks

2 x 1ks

2 x 650ws


Shot on Fuji 500T Vivid Eterna - rated at 320 asa.


I don't think I can upload anymore pictures here but please have a look at the frame grabs on my flickr account : Overwintering Frame Grabs


Let me know what you think and thanks for looking!post-10079-0-09462000-1306153243.jpg

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Thanks man, it was great to do, I forgot to mention the transfer was to Digibeta and then converted to uncompressed SD quicktimes for editing. Deluxe Soho did a great jobs with the telecine, for a 500T stock its wasn't as grainy as I expected as the last stock I had used was the 7219 Kodak, which I absolutely adored, but then again we didn't have a budget to test tocks and I was quite up for the idea of taking advantage of the Complete 16 package, which is absolutely amazing!


All interiors and night exteriors were shot at T2.8. Daylight exteriors varied between T2.8 to T8. At on point I rated the stock to 250 and had 85ND9 + ND9 in the mattebox! I ended up wearing some blackout over my head when I was shooting in sunny conditions. :)

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You'll probably catch more grain once/if you ever do an HD TC. A lot of it hides in SD stuff. I remember my first HD TC I was very surprised by how grainy the stuff was (prior we did a lot of D Beta). Still looks really good. I keep meaning to grab more Fuji film as it also fel it has a bit more character to it.

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