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220 degree shutter angle on Canon 1014

TW Foley

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I'm new to Super 8 and had a question regarding the 220 degree shutter angle. I know that it lets in more light because it stays open longer, but does this cause motion blur? I want to shoot 24fps, but I want it to have a filmic look. I hear that this shutter angle would cause it to look more like video. Would it be better to shoot with the 150 degree angle and use light?

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It isn't that bad at all, it (being the 220˚shutter) makes the image a bit softer. What kind of camera are you using? Do you know the shutter angle or angles it has?What sort of stock are you using and what is the scene? This link is a calculator that will help you determine the correct shutter speed. The narrower the angle the sharper the image. You can see a difference, but it really is a matter of taste.

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Also, I have an electronic light meter that you can set FPS so I'm guessing it automatically would set it to 1/48 for 24fps. How would I compensate for the larger shutter angle?


The easiest way is to bump the film speed up a third of a stop. So ISO 200 becomes 220. Or meter for a still shot at 1/40th (1/(24*360/220)) second with the correct ISO.


Most meters are set for a 180 degree shutter, by default. The fancy ones (ex. Sekonic L758 Cine) are adjustable for shutter angle.


A larger shutter angle will make it smoother and more dreamlike (and more blurred together). A shorter shutter angle makes it choppier and more strobe like. The opening scene of Saving Private Ryan had a really small shutter angle, like 15 degrees, if I remember correctly.


At 220, it will still look like film. It is film. Get a few rolls of Tri-X and play with them.

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