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Red SSD suddenly appears blank after attempting to read

Phil Rhodes

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Now, I'm going to be very careful here, because I don't want to be accused of being a "red hater", so, not to be the bad guy, here are the facts.


- I just shot a load of stuff onto a 256GB SSD

- I put it into the reader, which is connected to my PC via eSATA.

- I tried to copy the contents onto my RAID

- About a quarter of the way through the 25GB copy, the reader shut down, the red light out.

- The computer now can't mount the card via the reader

- The camera sees the card as empty


My interpretation of this is that a fault in the reader has wrecked the data - or at least the filesystem - on the card. Is there likely to be any recovering this?



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Not @ all a red-expert Phil; but I hear there is a program called RedUndead which may be worth looking into? I'm not sure if it works with SSDs, however but seems like a good start .





does appear to be mac only, however. . .

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I don't have a better solution to this than Adrian but was wondering if you were trying to bus power the reader?

I know the much older red drives would fry themselves if connected without a mains supply connected so maybe this is a similar or less serious thing? Anyway, yeah it sounds like the drive reader fried itself one way or another, so I'm guessing there was a power issue?


I think the red still uses fat32 or similar so maybe something like norton disc doctor could help, or you could talk to the guys at red.



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