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Lighting a concert scene

Lee Tamer

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Any advice to transforming this location into a concert scene? I have never lit something this big before and a little overwhelmed.


The set up of the scene is that a girl meets a guy at concert while she's taking photos of the guy's band. We are expecting a lot of extras as well.


Here's the location img0081web.jpg

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I"d get a ton of rock and roll par cans, 56, 64s, ect, gel them with party colors, smoke up the room a bit, and shoot that like a real concert. I'd also love little lamps on the tables for some white light-- this way you can shoot 360 and see the heads and it'll be ok-- and I'd keep some white cards on hand for fill for any close ups.

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Another option might be to have some soft party color coming from the stage like it's bounce back/stage glowing then give your heroes a nice edge. When I'm in a situation that's very dark and I don't have a lot of lights a good edge will always help show that your scene isn't underexposed, just meant to be dark.

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Lighting a large room like this can be daunting. First what's your budget? I mean does your job have enough money to rent the rigging (pipe, trusses, trees) lights, dimmer packs, dimmer board, Socopex cable, and the crew to rig it?


If you don't have money to do that you may want to find a place that does have it's own lighting system, dimmer board and some lighting. With most of that work done, you can easily add a few of your own lights to spruce things up.


But I would say the lights you would need are par can's and lekos mostly. Also you can add stobes and moving lights if you have the budget. And then you may need and dimmer board guy/lighting designer with some experience to program your console to go along with your scene. Unless you are really good at it.


You may want to think about a dimmer console that can work with sound playback so your scene is repeatable.





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