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aaton ltr basic cinematography recommended manual

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I'm a writer currently at work on a novel in which one of the main characters is a cinematogapher/auteur. (he's making a documentary). He uses an Aaton LTR 54 and the story is set in the late '70s - early 80's.


I've tried without success to get my hands on one these cameras and I'm aware that merely reading a cinematography manual will only give me a fairly superficial idea of what it is to make such a film using this sort of camera. However, at the moment it's the best I can do.


Aside from a reasonable grounding in the technicalities of the LTR I'm mainly interested in the practicalities of shooting in certain kinds of natural light (indoors and out), weather conditions, and so on.


If there's anyone who can recommend a good cinematography manual on the basics of shooting 16mm, (and if possible, with an Aaton LTR) I'd be very grateful if you'd respond to this.


Many thanks,


Graeme Williamson

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You can download the LTR manual here: http://cinematography.net/Files/ltr_usermanual.pdf


You could read a book like this; http://www.amazon.co.uk/Chasing-Light-Improving-Photography-Available/dp/0321752503/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1378364417&sr=1-2&keywords=available+light+photography

The techniques of available light are the same, just with film or video they have to remain consistent longer. You tend not to find the problems mentioned books, especially when you're not in a position to wait. I've had nice sunny day, turn into dark thunderstorm and back again during one interview.


I suspect you'll find most of the practicalities in a camera assistant's manual, just bear in mind that much of these cover 35mm on narrative films, but details like changing bags are the same.


I don't know the period, but modern documentary film makers usually use digital cameras because they don't have the budgets to support shooting film

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