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I've done a quick comparison of how various 35mm cine lenses render out-of-focus blur, quite fascinating if you're a lens geek like me. :)




I tried to include lenses from roughly each decade since the 1930s, by Ross of London, Meyer Gorlitz, Schneider Kreuznach, Bausch & Lomb (Super Baltars), Taylor Hobson (Cooke Speed Panchros), Cooke (S4s) and Zeiss (Super Speeds and Ultra Primes), with focal lengths as close to 32 or 35 as possible. I'd like to add some more frame grabs when I get time, and at least attempt to explain some of the variations. So it's a work in progress.


Any suggestions or feedback welcome!



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Nice! I love it! If you get the chance to add other lenses (such as zooms), or other focal lengths, please do!


Personally, I'd love to see a 16mm lens set comparison like this (especially in Arri std/bayo). Zeiss, Zeiss Jena, Cooke Kinetal, Schneider, Kilfitt. Plus Zeiss and Angenieux zooms.


Not meant in any way to take away from what you've done. It's awesome!

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Man this is really amazing.


Love how S4 beat Ultra Primes in Contrast/Sharpness at the edge of frame. And also it looks like S4 tend to get darker with defocusing compared to ultra primes. Also Ultra Primes tend to go greener.


Awesome test.

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