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Expired Kodak 500t 16mm

James Ballard

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Hey gang,


I've got a roll of expired Kodak 500T EXR 7296 in my fridge here that I'd love to shoot. Trouble is it's a) pretty freaking old and b) probably hasn't been kept in a cool, dry place for a large part of its life. This particular film was discontinued in 1995 but could have been made anytime between then and 1989.


Naturally there are too many variables to really know how it'll look but is there anything I should keep in mind if I want to shoot it? Rate it faster? Slower?


Any thoughts would be great.


Cheers, James.

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i have 4000 feet of the older f series fuji 250 stock,,i think it is tungston.the f250 was made in late 80s??90s??but these cans are perfect and sealed,,they look new,and 4000 feet is a waste to waste.so,can anyone tell me if they have shot on this film and what results and what camera info and exposure info should i know about,?cant find any videos on it either.also,,has anyone used the lomo or g3 morse 16mm film home developers?the lomo sems to get good results in developing 16mm. thnx

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