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Letus Anamorphic lens for the GoPro 3+ only $199!

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Now if only people would start making super affordable Anamorphic lenses in canon mount-- then we'd all go crazy-- probably... maybe not.


Still it's an interesting little piece of kit. And certainly helps if you're trying to shoot a gopo into a 2.40 project-- saving ever precious pixel.

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Practical question:

In Final Cut 7, is there an option to desqueeze and actually get the right resolution? I think I tried looking one day to set up a sequence like that but couldn't find a setting for it, and I think manually putting in the resolution didn't work right. Maybe I did something wrong, it had been a while, but is this possible? Seems pointless to do anamorphic if you end up with 1920x1280 anyway (well, besides the lens resolution). But, right? Or am I wrong in this thinking.

Is there another NLE that can handle that?

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