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Unlicensed Use of My Footage By CNN

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Unfortunately by agreeing to a credit you've probably effectively granted a licence and waived your right to payment. It's outrageous for a broadcaster to bamboozle you in this way; fortunately in England we can now take this sort of case to the small claims court and I would certainly have done so; fair use means it's not copyright infringement, it doesn't mean they don't have to pay for what they have used. We don't have fair use, by the way.

You've been screwed over and cheated out of quite a few hundred dollars.

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I will have to ask my cousin, he is a partner at a law firm in Santa Barbara which specializes in Intellectual Property matters, although I suspect that suing CNN for IP Theft is possible with the right bag of money or cousin.... or of the lawyer or cousin felt there was a bag of money in it for them...

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Guest Jackson Blake

What kind of protest was it?

Do you have a clip to post?

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