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The $60,000 question.

Dave Bourbois

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Super 16 transferred on a Spirit to HD, then downconverted to SD for broadcast can look much better than say 35 transferred on a Rank ....

The Spirit 16 gate was a big shift in the price/performance balance. It introduced much better optics than had been available for 16mm telecine before, which was a major bottleneck. So, 16 for TV increased.


For theatrical release, 35 Academy makes a lot of sense on a low budget. Contact printing all the way to release looks great, and eliminates an expensive optical pass on the whole show.




-- J.S.

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If you are talking about the early years of "Sex and The City" or the early years of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".


Yeah the DVD transfers of those shows are really griany, that was dealing with older film stocks, and back before the optical enlargment for 16mm transfer was as good as it is now.


Now most of the kinks in the system have been worked out and it looks great.

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I found another source that says "The Sopranos" is 35mm:




In what format is the show produced and edited?


SW:  It is shot in 35mm, shipped here for processing at CFI and telecined onto Digital Betacam at Riot. Then we receive 3/4-inch video dailies that we digitize into the Avid. For air, we do an on-line - associate producer Gregg Glickman supervises all of the final finishing, and Martin Bruestle supervises the sound dub and music.


Here's a photo from the HBO website:




Don't know the source of the information in the Camera Guild article.

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