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I'm stuck between 2 cameras

Reggie Miller

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I can't decide between buying the Blackmagic cinema mft camera with the metabones speed booster or the Blackmagic production camera.


The pros for the Production camera:

No Moire, less aliasing, globall shutter, 4k = really sharp 1080p


The pros Blackmagic cinema camera mft with metabones:

Better in lowlight, more dynamic range, wider field of view


I just want the one that looks more cinematic, but I can't decided which one that is.


, Thanks for your help.

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IMHO, dynamic range should always be more important than resolution (provided you are at least getting a true HD res.) Other things do complicate the issue like ergonomics, cost, how complete of a kit it is vs the extras you have to buy, etc. I think a 4k workflow is overrated as it isnt necessary and is a pain in the butt due to space and speed needs. Most people don't produce images that are maximized to look good on 2k so why go 4k? Work on making 2k (or even HD) look as good as you can before worrying about 4k.

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It's all a matter of taste and what fits your needs.


Both are pretty good options for the price. Just remember you will also need to find third party products for powering these cameras.


The noise pattern on the 4k is horrible. Under certain conditions it has a terrible fixed pattern, and the footage is pretty much unusable. Haven't seen that issue using the 2k Cinema Camera.

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The URSA, however, uses the same sensor as the 4K so expect the same FPN.


I am a big fan of the pocket camera, personally, since it can be as big or as small as I need it to be for a particular situation, and the compressed RAW is easier on data than the full RAW on the 2K. 4K raw still isn't out yet.


Some people complain about the "crop factor," but paired with a PL adapter and S16mm optics, (or a c mount if you want to get crazy!) it really is a lot of fun, and easier to lens than the 2K Is.


I am not a fan of the metabones, it just adds more complication to my life. Great for certain circumstances, but I worry about adding extra optics to the image path, and the misalignment that can come, on top of less than ideal tolerances on stills mounts, and adapters and lenses ect.

Also at least with the pocket, I can carry a bunch of cheap Nikon batteries and a charger that I can plug into a car.


But it all comes down to what you're doing. I will say the purple grid on the pocket is a bit more of an annoyance for me than the black hole sun ever has been. FPN is pretty much a deal breaker at present though.


Also SD cards are easier to carry/deal with than are SSDs-- especially as so many cheap laptops have built in SD card readers and USB3.

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