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I have my movie in about 150,000 dpx files. I need to create a .mov proress 444. Everyone is telling me to use davinci resolve (lite) since it's free. However, I am reading that you can only output HD and SD and I need it in 2k... I had it color corrected by a colorist using da vinci... and they left the country. I have FCP and compressor. not compressor 4 though. I tried color, and FCP and compressor but nothing works... does Compressor 4 work or is there a software I could get a demo or trial version of and do this myself?

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you may have to update your Resolve Lite to newer version. the 10 version and above can handle resolutions up to UHD (3840x2160) and 2K dpx is not a problem.


If your file does not work with Color then it may be 16-bit dpx (not the more used 10-bit files). Resolve Lite can read and convert also that format easily

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Premiere Pro has a 30 day free trial with no watermarks or limitations. You should be able to output 2K with no problem.


Select your timeline, File>Export>Media> Select ProRes setting and select Queue to export with Media Encoder.


You might have to install the ProRes codecs if you are using Windows (?), but the Mac version already has them. You can also edit folders of DPX files like video clips, so less transcoding.



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