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Where to get a Cameflex?

Antonio Bunt

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Hi Antonio,

I want to sell my 3-perf modified Cameflex with 2 400ft mags and a Tobin Cinema System motor (modern motor, very reliable 12V 4-50 fps)

Maybe you might be interested even if it's not a 2-perf model.

It comes with 2 Cameflex mount and a Nikon mount that must be reinstalled by a technician.

I may put it on ebay pretty soon, but I may prefer to set the Nikon mount before the sell...

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The good thing is that The lack of resources in the Third World have made camera technicians to be very creative over here so I guess I won't find trouble converting a camera relatively easy. The main problem Thibaut is that I'm based precily in Mexico City. The shipment may the really expensive.

Thanks a lot for the tips.

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