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Matthew Kerins

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Just putting the feelers out there. Selling this absolute beautiful piece of equipment. I will put pics up later. Just want to see if it gets any interest.

- 1 x Moviecam Compact (fully working and newly serviced!)

- 2x Battery Package (switchable between 12V and 24V)

- 2 x Batterycharger (International Primary : 110V - 250V)

- 2x 400' Magazine(fully working, new battery for digital display)

- 1x 1000' Magazine (fully working, new battery for digital display)

- 1x Color Video Assist (Original CEI)

- 1 x Video Color Monitor with SDI

- 1 x Monitor Arm (Shoemount)

- 1 x Long Eyepiece!! (eyepiece is heated)

- 1 x Cameratool

- 1 x Groundglass: 1:1,85 Normal

- 1 x Groundglass: 1:1,85 Super35

- 1 x Groundglass: 1:1,78 Normal

- 1 x Groundglass: 1:2,35 Scope

- 1 x Remote

- 1 x Speedbox

- 1 x Complete Parts Handbook

Everything comes in huge strong cases.

Yorkshire based. Bradford/Leeds specifically.

£4500 O.N.O.

Inbox me :)


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