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Is Red all it was cracked up to be?

Jamie Lewis

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I think it means.. they look identical by eye.. but that could just be my interpretation of .. "visually identical "

The two circuit boards were clearly designed by the same person/persons at some point in their lives. I mean why would RED include mounting holes for the white connector shown on the DVS board, if they weren't going to use them? There are other small differences in the components on the boards, but they appear to have been designed with universality in mind. In other places there are solder pads where no chip is fitted on either board.


This is not like a radio circuit where the layout is critical; two people given the task of designing circuit boards for the same system would likely create completely different (but functionally identical) designs.


So the hardware wouldn't have been designed by RED, and certainly not by Jarred Land :-)


(It's like the RED sensors; if they're really "bespoke" designs specifically crafted to the needs of cinematographers, then why are they all 16:9 and not 4:3 like the Arri sensors, which we know were designed for them by the Fraunhofer Institute).

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haha who complains about accessories.. I hope you realize you need accessories for every camera. compared to Arri reds are cheaper. They have come a long way since red one. Why would people be mad they keep releasing cameras thats what companies do are people mad that apple releases an iPhone every year? Or canon releases cameras more often then any one. should they not release improvements . If you know what our doing and make money from cameras new cameras don't scare those types of people it makes them more money.

Bill, what are you going on about. Does this relate to anything here or did you post in the wrong thread?



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I remember years back people were trashing Red left and right as complete garbage and not at all what they were claiming it was. Now that it's been out in the wild for years, how is it? I see there are an awful lot of feature films using the platform in some capacity.



I got one used a few years back and i'm still using it. I've had problems with it overheating twice, and with it randomly not recognizing the ssd's or cf cards once with both types of media. other than that i haven't had any troubles with it. yea its heavy, my rig is about 30lbs with follow focus, lens, mattebox ect. my biggest complaints are not being able to have the menu output available through hdsdi and not having individual output settings for the hdmi and hdsdi. other than that i think it's a fine camera.

is it all it's cracked up to be? that's a matter of opinion again i rarely think anything is. When I bought it I was expecting "cinema" quality images from a relatively affordable camera which to me it still delivers. at the time it came out you still couldn't afford a 35mm camera, unless it was a old school Russian camera's (i have some Lomo lenses and love them) One of the best things about it and the company as a whole is that the really got the other companies off their collective asses. I don't think camera's like the Ursa or the Cion would be around without it. but most of this goes back to personal preference.


Later yo


Devindra S

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