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What cameras are used to shoot Eastenders

Jack Foreman

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I can find tons of information on the kinds of cameras I dislike (film-style digital cameras) but none on the kind of cameras I do like. I would like to know what the names are of the types of cameras that have the traditional video look, like the news, Eastenders & other soap operas (Professional cameras used on British television). I do not care about any digital cameras that are trying to look like film.

Is there a 1 word difference between these types & the types trying their best to look like film?


This is probably the opposite of what people usually ask. They usually want to steer as clear as they can from the video look, but I'm the opposite. I dislike the film-look, always have.

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They used EMi 2001s at the begining on Eastenders, I believe they were using Thomson LDK100s, but they may replaced them.; Cetainaly it's a 2/3" studio type camera, these tend to be made by Sony, Thompson or ikegami, sometimes Hitachi. Certainly they have a look, but they're not used as experimentally as in the past.

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