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Question about the Pentax ME Super 35mm stills camera

Bradley Stearn

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This is definitely a question better suited to a photography forum, however I'd rather be active on cinematography.com as I find it one of the best forums in terms of the community feel it has.


I recently invested in an old Pentax Super ME 35mm camera, and was just wondering if someone could shed some light on what the little switch to the left of the lens mount does? You can pull it down, and then it slowly ticks back into the start position. Is it some kind of self timer?



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As Heiki says, if you cock the shutter it will lock in position, otherwise it usually just counts down on its own and may not seem to be working.

You usually get about 10 seconds- no flashing light as there is on a DSLR so you just have to wait for the click.

One of my favourite photographs was of a friend apparently poised to pounce- he had set the camera for a self-portrait and the tripod started to keel over just in time for him to react before the shutter released.

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