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Cooke 20-120 pros and cons

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One con might be the size of the image circle, which is only slightly larger than 28mm diameter at the wide end, just barely covering 1.78 in S35. The front rectangular mask sometimes needs to be removed so as not to vignette. It's a large and heavy zoom, definitely not hand-hold friendly.


Getting a bit old in the tooth, but mechanically very well made, and relatively easy to service.

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I've always thought this lens is not as fast as it claims, maybe due to yellowing glass elements. It looks to me around T3.5 in reality. It's quite good in terms of performance, a bit sharper than Speed Panchros indeed, with great flares, but needs 6x6 filters, bridge support and shows heavy geometrical aberrations at both ends (pincusion being very evident from 80mm to 100mm or so). Bear in mind it's hard to rent and not very practical these days of handheld shooting with Easy Rigs, etc. 

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