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FS Parting Out - Arri Alexa Studio, Cinetape, FF4, LMB25, MB20, O'Con 2575, 2060HD, Sticks and more

Mark Burten

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Been letting go of a few Alexa packages that have been great in the studio/location but unfortunately swapping to some new Hassleblads for our next project. This is what's left of the bundle. Not parting out the Alexa package itself but all the support that was part of these kits.


Hoping to get everything sold off before hitting the door for Cinegear. Paypal or Wire. Send over reasonable offers. Will work out shipping larger items.


Arri Alexa Studio Package ---- $32,500 (SALE PENDING)

Handle w/ Ext, Bridge Plate, Level Block, IDX Batt Plate

Hours - 1521, Optical OVF-1 w/ Ext and Ground Glasses

8 - Sony 32GB SxS Cards, 12/24V Power Cables, Ethernet Cable

Prores, High Speed and Anamorph Licenses


Cinematography Cine Tape Kit -- $5000

Great Shape with Readout, Sensor, Pair of Sensor Cables and 2 Dtaps. Can throw in an arm, spare cable and some other AKS for right price


O'Connor 2575 Head - $11,000 (Pending)

Mitchell, Base plate, Handle and Extension, Tie Down

Like New with the Rolling ATA Case


O'Connor 2060HD --- $5000 ($7000 as a package with sticks and extras)

Mitchell - Base plate with quick plate, Handle and Extension, Tie Down

Good Shape, Mostly studio environment. Includes an ATA case, Mitchell Adapter if price is met for the package


O'Connor Cine Sticks - $1400 (Standard or Baby)

Mitchell - Clean with Ground Spreaders. Leg Locks are solid. Includes Case


Arri FF4 ---------------- $2750

19mm Studio with Smart & Dumb side wheels, Crank, 3 Misc Gears (Wide/Tall and Std), Spare Mark Rings, 13" Whip

Great Shape, nice and tight


Arri MB20 V2 ---------- $3500

3 Stage - Top/Side Flags, Mattes, 138mm Bellows, 19mm Studio Adapter, 3 Bellows Rings (80/100/110)


Arri LMB 25 --- $2200 (Sale Pend)

Top/Bott Flags, Mattes, Cinetape Holder, 3 Stage Setup with 138mm back, 80 and 95mm rings

Trays are all in good shape, mattes are fresh. May have various adapter rings to throw in


Will update if more becomes available.



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Troy - MB20 is still up for grabs. Lots of tire kicking but nothing official yet.


Down to the Preston odds and ends listed in another thread and the MB20 Kit. All other gear is sold. Thanks guys.

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All PM's replied to. May have a pair of Heden Motors (m26ve) from a Chrosziel kit which I'll post here. They'll come with cables. Should know by end of the week.


Forgot to mention - 5' original slider is sold in case you see if floating around on other forums and PM me here.

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Cinetape is sold, sorry guys. Down to just the following:


- Preston PAM Brackets (5/8) and Extension

- Preston Iris Controller and Cable

- Preston MDR1 with ET Bracket

- Preston Misc Cables (See other thread)


- Arri MB20II Mattebox with 3 Stages

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