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Out of the EU

Phil Rhodes

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Ehm, not in my timezone... :-D ... do keep up with globalisation and the 21st century. I know, it's complex, and social change hurts when you cling to the past that never really was. It was terrible when the Maple Leaf replaced the Union Flag, wasn't it. All thise Canadians, I mean Real-English, saying "Yeah" to their extension of England. Goodbye, Richard.


If you're in the UK then my calculations were correct, of course I made that assumption.


Interestingly enough the union jack is proudly displayed in three of the 10 provincial flags in Canada. Including Ontario, Canada's biggest and most populous province. But of course being as smart as you are, you already knew that.


It's always fascinating to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and observe during the parade of nations how many countries still incorporate the union jack into their national flags even in 2016.


Heck even the US state of Hawaii kept the union jack in their state flag. That's a good one to use to win bar bets with Americans.



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