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Best Light for music video flares?

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Flares are common in music videos. You always see the coming in and out of the frame during performance shots. I know the concept to achieve them is to have a light moving in and out around the edge of the lens to create the flare. I know the lens build also controls the look of the flare. I have tried recreating this with a flashlight a few times, its ok, but I don't get the big beautiful look that I'm used to seeing. I'm curious if there's a specific type of light that's best to use to create these edge flares or not? Any best practice tips in recreating would be great.





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A 125W pocket par is usually very handy for creating flares as it is a powerful and spotty light yet small enough for an electrician to hand hold it and move it around if desired.

I use it all the time when I need to create flares.




Have a good day!

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Glass has a lot to do with good flares, anamorphic being the most sought after example. There are also streak filters that can be made pretty quickly or purchased/rented. Moving lights work well and many low-draw DMX-controlled moving fixtures do this nicely.

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Something that you shouldn't overlook if you want to get something similar to that soft flare within the frame of your screengrabs is haze. You haze up your scene and your lights in the scene will look awesome. Below is an example where we hazed the crap out of a scene and ended up with a look similar to what your screengrabs show.




We used 2 arrisun 5's and pointed them towards talent/camera.

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