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Ben Joyner

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Hey guys,


Looking to gain some insight on a rigging setup for an upcoming shoot.


I have a project soon where we're going to be filming some skateboarders, probably from a pickup truck. My goal is to able to both lead them and track behind them, without having to put the truck in reverse. Trying to achieve smooth motion and would love to get low for some of the shots.


I was chatting with a DP (Steve Annis) about the rig they utilized for this video:



Here is the info I got from him:


-all filmed out the back of a pick up truck with vibration isolator and tango head

-for tracking shots: small wooden low platform on the front supported by scaff bars with Boss plate fitting


He wasn't able to provide any set photos of the second rig. Does anyone have any pics of something similar? Haven't had any luck online. Just trying to wrap my head around it. Going to also reach out to a couple key grip's I've worked with.


Also any idea of what this could be done for budget-wise would be helpful. Budget is low but most of it will go towards a good, safe rig to execute some of these shots.


Thank you!


-Ben Joyner


Some frame grabs from the video:






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Not a grip.... Couldn't you achieve most of the low angle shots with a jib arm mounted in the back? Maybe using the hitch receiver as a mounting point for the jib?


What's a Boss plate fitting? Don't see anything with that name in the Modern Studio catalog.


Needless to say, should be shot on a closed road for safety.

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I would have some concerns at following immediately behind them with a pickup vehicle any time forwards or reverse. If they bail sideways in front of you it is "thum-thump" a little lurch and game over. A pickup simply is not agile enough for dodge-em.

My personal preference might be use a farmer's quadbike. With their balloon tyres they are a softer ride. The downside is possibly more noise. Park your cammo on the front carrier and another person on the rear carrier as ballast for the follows and your cammo on the rear and the person on the front for ballast. The driver is in a much better position to be aware and react. The overloaded quad might roll though in a desperate dodge.

This method was used quite successfully and effectively for a leading shot of a running teenager in a pre-prod teaser of an unrealised feature titled "Exile", about Cuban rafters. There was quite a good behind-the-scenes clip published for that project but it is a few years since and it might have gone by now.

I'll have a look. In meantime I found the trailer.

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