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RED Scarlet-W

TP Zelins

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Looking to purchase the new RED Scarlet-W (10K Brain-only).

Have not worked with RED much before. Looking to up my gear.


Seen some footage from this new DSMC2 line and looks great!


Deciding between this and the C300 Mark II. Has anyone worked with this yet?



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I'm looking at cameras in the same price range I think.


Not to derail and not really expert in this at all, but I saw footage from the Panasonic Varicam LT which is something like $16,000 which looked very Alexa-like to my non-DP eye.


Here's a pretty lengthy test ( 16 minutes +) with the Varicam but he's comparing it to a Sony, but I still feel it's educational.


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I'd avoid the C-series like a mid-term I didn't study for. I have never had a good time with them and never gotten an image I enjoyed. The "f" series Sonys are nice, the Red is nice, as is the Varicam, but if I had 10K to spend on trying to get a package together, I'd be looking at Ursa Mini and the Reds or a used Sony F5.

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