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Alt Power Supply for EBM cameras

Arthur Sanchez

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Hello Again, Dr. Bolex here again,


Anybody have any suggestions on an ALTERNATE power supply for the Bolex EBM's?


Since the standard issue battery is not cheap but worse very hard to find.


SO, what about a simple 12V 3A DC power converter plugs into any 110 AC outlet. Then can be plugged directly in the camera... Also an option is to have batteries for use in the field.


Thought?... what am i missing?





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Years ago I needed now batteries for all my different cameras......I found a battery called a gell cell.

They are just like the name implies.....internally there a gel paste.....rather than a liquid like the very early Arriflex Camera batteries were.

If I remember correctly, these were nickel hydrade (liquid).

Now......Ni-cad's are known for having "memory".......gel cells don't.


You could buy a 12 VDC 4 amp block.....you'd have to cable it with the right connector for the camera.

Also find a charger for it.....I'd have to look up my old file....I built several chargers.....depending on the battery I needed to charge.


The Arri 16BL took 12V

the 2C took 18V for the CP motor


The charger (off the top of my head) should be 2.4 volts per cell.....don't remember the Milli-amp charge rate.

8 cell in the 12V battery.....X 2.4V.....gives you a 19.2 volt charger output.


I actually bought a set of 8 amp hour batteries to drive the arriflex 2C regular motor and the Mitchell camera.

once I put them together to get the 12 V block for the BL and sent them out on a shoot......they shot 16,000ft of 16mm.

Brought the camera back.....and I asked them how often they had to charge the batteries......

and they said they didn't.



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