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Tripod Suggestions on a budget

Connor Mazzola

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I am looking for tripod suggestions for an Arri SR2. I'd like to keep it sub $1,000 because I mainly use it in it's water housing. I only have a kinoptic 5.7mm and an angenieux 9.5-57mm, so no big lenses. It can be used i don't care. I am thinking of an older Vinten or a manfrotto 509 head. Maybe a sachtler if I can find one under 1k. I don't want to make the wrong choice so I came here.


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Like Phil says, I'd go with a used Miller or Vinten tripod. Used Vinten gear is surprisingly cheap on eBay. They are very smooth and work well. Avoid Manfrotto if you can, the tilt and pan-lock knobs are all in dumb places which will drive you crazy. Most of them are friction heads, not true fluid heads.

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