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So I was in Washington when Trump was elected. would love feedback on the film I made

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Hey everyone! I would love to hear your feedback on my latest film. This was a translation of my time spent in Baltimore and Washington during the trump election. I wanted to show the viewer what it felt like as I was waling through the streets during this incredibly tense time in Americas history.





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This kind of felt like the Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial. Wasn't really understanding what your message was going off of the video alone.


Poverty is in both Baltimore and DC, you didn't see that poverty in DC because (going off the footage that made the final cut) you were in the touristy southwestern part with museums and monuments galore.

Head east of the Anacostia river and the areas start getting equal in hardship. Technically that's Maryland, but most people in the proximity of the beltway/metro will tell you they're from DC.

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Hey Nick, I read your blog and was well conditioned for a sympathetic watch of the film. But the camera was too randomly jittery for me. If that was a deliberate choice I think it was a mistake. Within the sort of staccato rhythm of the edit, which I was ready to enjoy, my eye/mind needed little windows of stillness....a shot that didn't jitter, or even a freeze frame or black screen with the poignant VO continuing...


Apart from longer focal lengths, one can be very steady hand held if one really needs to be. The problems inherent in the modern camera configurations can be solved, and the operator can learn the techniques...

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Hi Nick - I see merit in both Gregg and Mack's posts. Certainly the "what's this all about" concept.


I think you deserve praise for going there in the first place. The footage was shaky, but you did a good job of making it the style. Nice color. You can't reshoot, but perhaps you could make the idea more clear up front. Even something as simple as text on the screen could help.




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