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I Need My Space (2017) - Sci-Fi Comedy [10:27]

Ari Virem

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I'm very excited to share this piece I DP'ed a year ago, we all had great time with this one. I'm very interested in learning, so all feedback and insights are welcome. Cheers!


I Need My Space is a humorous tale of infidelity, frustration, and ultimately adventure. The story is focused upon the life of elderly engineer, Esko and his unfaithful and nagging wife Tarja. Looking for an escape from a life that is an unsatisfactory mix of dull and painful, Esko decides to build his own rocket ship and blast himself into space. The award-winning independent film was shot over the course of 4 days and with a budget of only €1200. The film will be released for public viewing on June 21st, 2017.



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Love it! Like the cute story and cinematography style. What was it shot on and what did you use to grade it?

The lighting looks great too! Did you have any problems lighting the home-depot scene?

Added to liked videos on Vimeo :)



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