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Where to Find Micro-Budget Films


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Does anybody know where I can find a list of micro-budget (under $100K US) feature films that are streaming somewhere online? Preferably recent films--last five years, if I can find them.


I'm producing and directing a film along those lines and want to research the competition, but can't figure out how to find these movies. Everything I've tried Googling just yields a list of breakout indies or classic zero-budget indies I've already seen. Where are the sorta-good, sorta-shitty movies that don't suck but didn't necessarily break out? Thanks!!

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Wonder if IMDB Pro has an option to filter by film budget? Then pick say the recent year, then sort by rating, and jump to check out the pages in the middle! (so neither have the great ones, or the worst, just somewhere in the middle ish)

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