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Film shot on Krasnogorsk-3, Flicker and

Jan Ruzicka

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I shot the following on my K3, this is my first 16mm camera. It is modified to shoot super 16mm.



I would like to achieve an image with less flicker and if possible more stable, less "jumpy".


I was thinking on upgrading my camera to a great working condition Bolex SBM to solve these issues.


In your experience, will that upgrade suffice, or will I be looking at similar results?
Should I consider other cameras instead?


Thanks for the help!

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You dont need a pin registration. Pin registration on 16 cameras isnt like on 35 where you have two pins to hold the film steady. The registration pin acts more like a stopper rather than full on registration like on 35 cameras. Aaton doesnt use registration pins but hast one of the best registration. As long as your camera is up to specs, the registration shouldnt really be an issue.

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I think the Aaton Minima is a very good camera, its main drawback as you mention, is the special loads it needs, I haven't found the viewfinder or the noise an issue. A while ago someone mentioned that they had made a magazine for the Minima so that it can accept normal 100ft loads, I haven't seen it myself.



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So, I went the bolex route, a bolex SB converted to super 16mm bayonet mount and comes with a C-mount adapter. Now I need a compact zoom lens to go with it for traveling.

Any suggestions?, it needs to cover well the super 16 gate, no vignetting.


Thanks for your input!

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