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All Shot With Natural Light

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Hey everyone!

If you have a spare moment, check out this 2min film I shot called ‘Land of Steel’

Shot in Port Talbot late last year 1f3f4_e0067_e0062_e0077_e006c_e0073_e007???????1f44d.png?

With Blade Runner (1982), Ridley Scott drew his vision of the future from this surreal and vast location.



Supported by Michael Sheen - https://goo.gl/6zwXFF

Thank you very much hope you enjoy! 270c.png✌️




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Can you talk a bit more about how you controlled the natural light? Flags and reflectors? "Hey just move over a little"? Mega post work?



Thanks Matt!


It was shot with no lighting gear.


The crew number was very little compared to normal - Director, DOP, Grip & Drone Op.

Pro side to this is we could move from location to location very quickly. On larger productions, it takes a bit of time as each department has to pack down and then setup at the next location.


We were lucky with the overcast weather, which added to the murky feel of the town and made it a lot easier in the grade not dealing with strong shadows. My colourist Vlad did a great job at Cheat based in London www.instagram.com/cheat_it/


The last 3 shots in the film were all lit from the steel works flame. It was very important to me to shoot this just after sunset as you get a nice balance of blue in the sky and orange on the subject. The light drops very quickly so very much have to be on your toes :)

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