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EBM - Runs but only one speed.

Arthur Sanchez

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Hello Again My Bolex Gurus!!!


OK... Have a Bolex EBM - it Runs but only one speed - and pretty fast ,,, not one of the slower speeds...

What could be causing this???


How many fuses are on-board/inside the camera? beside the one in the base.

It seems I recall seeing a fuse tucked under a circuit board in side the camera.


Well would love to hear from someone...



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Hmm, that's really odd isn't it.


Not a fuse issue at all. I have seen Bolex's go wild when the improper power is supplied. They don't like anything over 13v or under 11v. So if your power ain't in that rage, it can cause the electronics to do funky things. That would be the most obvious first step, to check the power with a multimeter and go from there.

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Thanks Tyler...


Yep tried all that... this is the way it cam to me... I've been using my trusty 12V power pak that I know is 12VDC to test it.

BUT!... isn't there another fuse inside??? not the one in the base...


It seems to have blown something . . .

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Tyler Thank you so much...

I found an UGLY EBM that runs great ...so my solution is to swap out the entire electrical short of the motor and see what happens.


some how i doubt the motor lost it's mind. BUT we'll see


Again Thanks Tyler!

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