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Urgent! Bolex loading issue

Dylan Smart

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I recently received a Rex 5 for a shoot. I have my own h16 reflex and have had no problems loading it. The rex5, however, doesn't seem to want to take the film maybe I'm doing something wrong? Need some help ASAP as my shoot is in a week. Cheers


The spool seems to just jam and not thread the film through unless I add a bit of pressure onto the loop formers do I perhaps need to adjust them? If so how would I do this?


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I cannot really se which parts are moving and which ones are not, but I see you did not release the loop formers.
(usually happens in automatic when you close the cover, but you can do it if you press the metal "dot" marked red on the pic)
These help threading the film in but should be released when the film is fixed on the "taking spool" to allow for the films "physiological" motion..





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I can't really see properly what's happening in your video; it's too poorly lit.

Compare this camera with yours and see if you can spot any differences.

Until you can have the camera looked at by a knowledgeable technician, just continue to do what you're doing: helping it along the way. As long as you get the proper loop size and the loop is stable, that's what's important.

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I can't quite tell but it sorta looks like your perfs are on the wrong side, the wrong wind. Like this is the tail end of a roll that has already been run through.


to me it looks like 2R film, perfs on both sides.


To me it looks like the pressure plate or either roller's guide plates are not correctly locked in place but very difficult to see from that video.

Does the movement advance the film correctly with similar type of sound than with the older camera?

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