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Mid priced LED Mat

Skyko Tavis

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Anyone know of a decent CRI, mid priced bi-color LED mat (or smallish LED fixture) say around 24" X 24" that has diffusion options? Light Gear's LiteMat looks awesome but it's a little pricey around $1,300. Came TV LED's a little too cheap... I'm looking for something in the middle.


I already have two 31 Kino LEDS, but I'm looking for something super portable to VLog with.


Thanks for any suggestions!!!!

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I have 2 of these and 2 of the 1X2 mats. To my eye, the chroma is balanced. They come with remotes, are dimmable, are pretty bright, and break down into a very small package. Only weak point are the corners for the frames which can break pretty easily if you're not careful:



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