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Canon C300 or Red Epic Misterium-X?

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Hi everybody,

I am going to rent a camera to make some tests. Want to record some slow motion footage too. I was doing a resource and find out that the C 300 can record 120fps, but only in 1920x1080 and cropped. How is this crop? And what about Red Epic Misterium-X? Beside this slow motion issue, with one should a rent? The rent house offer me both camera for the same price. 


Thanks a lot,

Fernando Alves

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3 minutes ago, Fernando Alves said:

Hi Macks.

I am going to shoot  all-around videography, not narrative.

Then I'd probably go with C300. Red definitely looks nicer to most, but it has more of a tendency to overheat when self-recording for longer stretches of time.

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The crop issue is only a problem if you see it as a problem. 

If the sensor crops in, take that into consideration and compensate with your lenses for it. If you know that you'll need a specific width, and the crop is a deal breaker, see if you have the capability of getting wider lenses to compensate for it. It will change your look a little bit depending on lenses, but that's the clearest workaround for such a thing - that and having decent amounts of space to position yourself in. 

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